10 Portfolio Career Tips

What is the best way to create a portfolio career for yourself: Below are ten tips on portfolio career:

10 Portfolio Career Tips

10 Portfolio Career Tips
10 Portfolio Career Tips
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What is the best way to create a portfolio career for yourself: Below are ten tips on portfolio career:

1. What are Your Interests and Hobbies?

Take into consideration what kinds of activities bring you the most joy and satisfaction. What kind of activities do you enjoy doing when you are not working? What do your weekends consist of? When you go on vacations, what do you do? List all of these activities and see if any of them could actually become revenue-producing work.

2. What is your Educational Background?

Other than credentials that due to your education experiences you have received, list your favorite subjects and courses. From the list you create, look into occupations that require the knowledge you have gained. Show this in your portfolio as recommended by Amiqus.

3. Look Over Your Work History

Look for what all your previous jobs have had in common. Generally whether intentional or not, most of us follow a career path, that path however it is not always straight and narrow. Do you have work experience in education? In marketing? How was it you chose these jobs?

4. Analyze Previous Experiences and Find Skill Sets

Look over all your past experiences, from educational, volunteering and work from these come up with a list of skills that you are proficient in and enjoy. It is important to focus on more than the technical skills, look past them for skills that are softer, for example management, leadership, and communications.

5. Weigh The Pros and Cons

With every activity, there are risks involved, however when it comes to making a portfolio career, there are additional risks involved. Write out detailed lists of what the pros would be for you, for example being your own boss, better work/life balance, following your passions, etc. and of course the cons, for example reduced benefits, greater financial instability, uncertain future, etc.

6. Come Up With a Plan

Developing a plan of action is one of the best ways of dealing with some of the common issues that people trying to forge a portfolio career face. Include in your plans a list of prospective clients/employers and possible jobs, a schedule that is either weekly or monthly, a detailed budget, and your plans for a home office or work area.

7. Get Organized

Having a system is one of the key of success in your portfolio career. If organizing comes naturally to you, the get started, however if not you may want to consider investing a book or two or coming up with an organization system that works for you.

8. Have a Support System

It is of utmost importance, especially on the onset of the process, to have family and friends that support you. At the beginning, as you start to develop your portfolio career, at times you may feel a bit nervous and isolated " it is important to have people that will help you keep focused on what your goals are.

9. Use Your Network

Much as you would if you were job hunting the traditional way, your network of personal contacts will really come in handy throughout your portfolio career. Talk with people within your network on a regular basis about their companies' and industries' trends, especially in relation to outsourcing and the process of hiring independent contractors or consultants. And never forget to grow and expand your network, this may mean that as you move into new areas, joining civic and professional association

10. Always Behave Professionally

In a portfolio career, your reputation is your lifeblood, the more word of mouth that is positive about you after you have professionally performed your jobs, the more opportunities will arise for you.ere ...

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