How To Change Your Recruitment Strategy For Improved Hiring

If you're looking for the best employees, you need to make sure your recruitment strategy is up to scratch

How To Change Your Recruitment Strategy For Improved Hiring

How To Change Your Recruitment Strategy For Improved Hiring
How To Change Your Recruitment Strategy For Improved Hiring
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The recruitment process is one of the most vital times for the smooth running of businesses of all sizes. No matter where you are in the corporate hierarchy, recruitment is going to be something that you will have to do at some stage. Hiring the right people can be challenging, and mistakes can have long-term consequences on the effectiveness of your company. That means making improvements to the way that you find applicants, and making use of the right strategies to ensure that you get the team members that you actually need. For a stronger business model, getting recruitment right is essential.

#1.Employer Branding

This is the factor that will distance you from other companies, and provide job seekers with a reason to apply to join you. Your business branding needs to reflect your goals, values, and corporate culture. Start by asking yourself why someone would want to work for you. Consider the perspectives of existing team members or ones that have recently left your employ. Then, ensure that your 'about' pages, social media, and vacancy adverts are all aligned with your unique branding.


Your job advert is going to determine the type of applicants that you get. Use the tone of voice that your brand uses. If you have a tongue-in-cheek branding, then use that in your advertisements for new positions. If you have a business-first mentality, then make sure that this is portrayed in your advertising. By embracing your brand's tone of voice, you will be able to attract the applicants that will fit more easily into your company.

#3.Social Recruiting

This is becoming an increasingly valuable strategy for the modern HR department. Use your social media pages to attract top talent, communicate with possible new talents, and advertise vacancies. Look at how brands like Uber and Apple use social recruiting to reinforce their hiring process, and use the tactics that will work for your company.

#4.Know the Vacancy

Your hiring process will be far more effective if you have a more exact idea of the skills and experience needed for the position. Collaborate with the departments that are in need of new recruits. Use change management tools such as the model in order to ensure that the goals of your recruitment campaign are more closely aligned to actual needs. The more that you know what your existing team members need, the more likely that you will find the applicant that will have the skills needed for a stronger company.

#5.The Modern Interview

It's important to remember that the interview process is just as much a case of the applicant checking that your company is the right fit for them. Make sure that your interviews, whether in person or via remote teleconferencing, is as low stress as possible. You should also design your interview so that it reflects the position that they have applied for. If the job role involves working closely with a group, try group interviews. Remember that recruitment is about finding the person who not only has the right skills but is a good fit for your company culture.

There are some changes to the recruitment process that should already be in place, such as applicant tracking systems and finding passive candidates. However, focusing on the culture and benefits of your own brand is now a vital component of the modern hiring process. Make sure that you are keeping up with the needs of an increasingly demanding workforce, and your company will only benefit.

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